Eminem’s Film Project “Bodied” Gets Intense New Trailer

Eminem's Film Project "Bodied" Gets Intense New TrailerEminem’s Film Project “Bodied” Gets Intense New Trailer

Eminem conveys rap fights to the wide screen. In 8Mile, Eminem’s generally welcomed, for the most part self-portraying motion picture from 2002 is known for its stirring delineations of rap fights. Those verbal fighting matches were probably the most convincing activity in the film. Presently, Mr. Mathers is conveying an otherworldly continuation of those scenes into multiplexes in the not so distant future with Bodied.

Em’s most recent wide screen try got an exceptional new trailer today, which actually puts the watcher on the less than desirable end of some genuinely cutting free-form affronts. For instance, in alluding to a bumbling, glasses-wearing kid, a fearsome-looking rapper spits: “If Harry Potter engaged in sexual relations with Jeffrey Dahmer, you’d be their lesbian little girl.” I don’t know it bodes well, but rather damn man, that was frosty.

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