XXXTENTACION debuts another tune in his video for “Take a gander At Me!”

“Take a gander At Me” has been a characterizing melody of 2017. It surprised the Internet all through mid 2017 and was a significant power in propelling XXXTENTACION’s vocation while he was detained. While he as of late dropped his exceptionally foreseen collection 17 in late August, he returns to drop the video for “Take a gander At Me!” The title of the video is clickbait, FYI. As it begins off with the prominent X hymn, it rapidly takes a genuine turn where he winds up handling a significantly bigger societal point on an unheard melody.

The tune itself picked up notoriety due to the really crazy and energized verses that X spits on it. X takes the tone of the melody and makes an interpretation of it into a pristine video that begins off similarly ludicrous. X is seen assuming control over a classroom before inducing a mob inside it and in the long run thumping the educator out with a dildo (lol). In any case, while that piece of the video covers not as much as the principal verse of the tune, X flips the video into debuting a fresh out of the plastic new tune with an effective message behind it.

You may have recalled when XXXTENTACION posted a video on Instagram of his body hanging off a tree. While it was seen by numerous as a ploy to advance his collection, he later uncovered that it was a piece of a music video he was shooting. The shot of him hanging off the tree concurs with the subject of the second piece of the video. While he hangs, the executive crosses genuine film of Philando Castille, Rodney King and Heather Hayes with re-made scenes of the viciousness they fell casualty. He utilizes a little dark kid and a little dark kid as the point of convergence of the second half, pushing the message of balance among all races. Before the finish of the video, he goes on a monolog tending to racial correspondence in America and all inclusive.

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